Life has been INSANE...but I'm still REVOLTING!

Hope everyone had a terrific Mother's Day!! 
Remember when I said I was going to blog everyday in May?
I was clearly kidding.
I have been CRAZY busy the past couple of weeks!
The shop has been super busy, and I have been working overtime getting ready for Brooks first birthday party.
I can't believe my baby boy will be 1 on Wednesday...where has the time gone?? 
But I'm really looking forward to the party, and can't wait to share all the details of his Yo Gabba Gabba party. And while I've got big plans for all the snacks we will have, I am going to have to try REALLY hard to not eat everything in sight, since I'm still working hard to keep up with the Revolt Fitness program.
Although I haven't lost any weight in the 2 weeks since I started, I can definitely see my body becoming more toned, which was my goal.
I've lost 2.5" off my waist and 2" of my thighs. So that rocks!
And that was even with eating one of these:
Why would someone doing a fitness program decide that they should make caramel apples for her son's teachers on Teachers Appreciation Day? And why would said person make 2 extra (reasoning that should one turn out badly, she needed extras)? You can't just leave 2 extra caramel apples in the fridge. They MUST be eaten. 

And lastly, the winner of the GOYA Foods cookbook and ingredients giveaway is...
Betty Dennis!!
Thanks to everyone who entered!
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Hummingbird Girl said...

Beautiful, funny smiling baby boy; I wish You Happy first birthday!!! Love Your post, hAVE a lovely day busy bee:)