I'm just going to stay on the couch all day.

I planned to sit down and write about Brooks's first birthday party that we had this past weekend. 
It was awesome, by the way.
But I haven't even gone through all the pictures yet and I'm just not feeling it.
I wanted to keep up with the "Blog Everyday in May" Challenge, but obviously doing anything everyday is not for me.
I would like to update you all on how the Revolt Fitness plan is doing great things for my body, but even typing about it makes my body cringe.
I did loose another 1" off my thighs though, so high five.
But I'm just out of it today. And yesterday. And the day before that.
Why you ask?
Because for the first time in a year and 9 months, my monthly visitor has returned.
Too much information? Sorry, it's LITERALLY all I can think about.
I don't know if it's because it's been so long and I just forgot how awful it was, or if it really is worse, but this is the worst period of my life! 
Cramps times a million.
Headaches like whoa.
Tired beyond belief. 
Wanting to punch everyone, including small children, in the face? Check.

Has anyone else experienced this after babies? I thought not having to deal with it for so long was a blessing. But THIS is not worth it!

But to leave you on a happier note (and with a better mental image than me curled up on the couch close to tears) heres a recent Photo Booth session of me and my 1 year old. Birthday pics to come soon!

 I feel a little better now:)

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Jane Droll said...

ugh!!!! i hope you feel mUCH better soon!!!!!

have you ever had an IUD? i had one put in back in november. omfg the first period after the "installation" WAS UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE. gushing. GUSHING. unbelievable amounts of blood and clots and shit. TMI!!! running to the bathroom every 50-60 minutes and finding everything SOAKED. thankfully things have settled down so much that now i am like, "is this a period?" verrrry little blood, so i like that. cramps seem worse and my period mood is NOTHING to mess with, but it is nice to have at least one benefit afterall (less blood).

anyway, i hope you will be ok!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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