Yo Gabba Gabba PARTY!

I was a little disappointed when I weighed myself today, and took my measurements to track my Revolt Fitness progress. It's week 5 now, and I'm up 2lbs, and didn't loose any inches in the last 2 weeks. Booo. But this week is all cardio, which I love. And hopefully it will jump start the next wave of melting off the excess!

And I'm sure the lack of pounds lost has nothing to do with Memorial Day and me drinking my weight in margaritas.

Or the nacho bar from Brooks's birthday the weekend before.
That's right, I said nacho bar. It was the best/worst decision of my life.

His party was Yo Gabba Gabba themed, and it was colorful and silly and so much fun!

For food we had the nacho bar, rainbow jello cups, cupcakes, and Dazzleberry lemonade.
I think nacho bars are going to be my go to party food from now on. It was so easy, and who doesn't love nachos??
If you want to have one (and trust me, you do) here's what we used:
1 big bag of chips from Moes
5 bowls of queso from Moes (totally worth the $25!)
4 cans of black beans
2 jars sliced jalepenos
1 bag shredded lettuce
2 cans sliced olives
1 bag shredded Mexican cheese
3 diced tomatoes
1 tub of sour cream
family size jug of salsa
A couple of bunches of green onions
We didn't use meat, but I would figure you would need a couple of pounds of shredded chicken or  ground beef.
We had about 30 people, and this was more than enough. I ended up having nachos for several days after, but honestly, has anyone ever complained about too many nachos?? I think not.
For the rainbow jello cups, I used this recipe, and while they took FOREVER, they looked cute and were a huge hit. The lemonade was just regular lemonade with grenadine mixed in until it was a pretty color. I also had maraschino cherries to go in it.
Brooks's smash cake was my favorite part! I knew I wanted to make a rainbow cake, but was so worried it was going to turn out brown when all the colors mixed, but it turned out awesome.
These pics are terrible, but I used a rectangle pan to bake the cake mix, then used a bowl to cut out 2 circles to stack. This was to avoid buying a smaller round cake pan. To make the rainbow, I just divided the prepared white cake mix into 4 bowls, and added food coloring until I got a really bright color. Then I just poured it into the pan, 1 color at a time. I tried to get it in the pan and into the oven quickly, so the colors didn't have time to mix and turn out looking like vomit!
Then I frosted it in white, so that the bright inside would be a shock when he smashed into it, and it was!! For the toppers I got the Yo Gabba Gabba bath toys of EBay, and he loved them.
For fun, we had a ball pit made from a blow up swimming pool filled with play balls.
 'Party in My Tummy' Game, made by painting Brobee on a piece of foam board, then cutting a hole in his stomach, and taping a piece of cardboard to the back to make him stand up. We used plastic food from Lincoln's play kitchen for the kids to try to throw in his tummy. It's a Gabba thing...
And we 'Pinned the Eye on Muno' by putting a printout of Muno on a dry erase board and using magnets painted like Muno's eye for the kids to try to stick on.
Fun stuff.
Here's a few more of my favorite pictures from the party.
For free Yo Gabba Gabba printables you can check out Nick Jr. and check out my Pinterest board for all the details I obsessed over trying to prepare for this party :)

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Jane Droll said...

oh my GOD you are the best mother ever! such a cute party! and nachos! and margaritas! that is my kind of party! and the jello and cake are SO CUTE!!!!

wth is yo gabba gabba?! second time today that i have heard those words! clearly i am out of it.

AND!!!! it sounds like your oldest son is in THE BEST SCHOOL EVER! the kind of school i would like to go to! he is so lucky! and i am sure he loves it!