Swimsuit Season

This is week 6 of doing the Revolt Now! Fitness. I'm actually up a couple of pounds, but am telling myself it's muscle:) To be perfectly honest, I haven't been following the meal plans very well (i.e. at all). But I have still been eating a healthy, whole, mostly plant based diet, so I'm not too worried about it. The biggest changes I have seen so far are:
-Bigger biceps. I wouldn't say it's time for a gunshow, but there is definitely some serious muscle developing!
-Tighter thighs and butt. That's a big plus!
-Slimmer waist.

A big reason for wanting to get in shape is so that I look good in a swimsuit. In January my sister is tying the know in Jamaica, and there will be plenty of beach time. There will be also plenty of pictures being taken, and I really want to be able to look back at these pictures and be happy with the way I look! I haven't been in a swimsuit since having Brooks, and probably only a handful of times since having Lincoln, 5 years ago! And then I opted for a retro style one piece to help conceal the parts that were loosey goosey from childbirth.

But I am a little confused about some of the current swimsuit styles.

What do you think about all the new printed suits?
Black Milk Clothing is kinda cornering the market on the weirdest swimsuits...you should definitely go take a look. 
$300 and SOLD OUT!!

Cut outs? 
Holy tan lines!

The REALLY high waisted swimsuits?

High waisted AND printed?? I can't. I won't.
What styles are you loving for swimsuit season?? I think I will stick to the standard 2 piece...show a little of the goods, but not TOO much.

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Jane Droll said...

OMFG! the prices of these suits?!?!? gimme a break! and many of them are straight up IDIOTIC!!!!

i am a bit of a chunky monkey (porker) and an old lady. my boyfriend has a pOOL. it is no fun to sit on the sidelines, so i finally found a "bathing suit" that i am comfortable in and look pretty good in -- board shorts and a tank. kind of lame, but it beats being uncomfortable in an unflattering suit -- or sitting out on the sidelines and missing out on the fun.