What I'm afraid of...

I have been slackin on this whole blog everyday in May challenge. 
But today's was easy:
Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you're most afraid of.

While I'm sure 90% of women (and plenty of men) will say the same thing, my big fear is spiders.  I really don't like bugs of any kind and will have a mini stroke if anything with 4+ legs gets on me. But spiders are on a whole nother level.

I can think of 2 situations where I was tormented by these demons.

1. When I was in college I worked at a furniture retail store, and it was time to do a floor set, which means working late and rearranging the entire store. It was a bunch of girls and a couple of gay guys that worked there, so when we moved a piece of furniture to find a HUGE spider, we were all a little panicked. Well our manager, trying to act all "no big deal, let's get back to work", stomps on it. Little did we know that the thing was huge because it was pregnant with 1,500,678 baby spiders!! And when she stomped, they went everywhere. The whole group of us (all adults, mind you) were on top of something in 2.5 seconds, screaming and acting like the floor had turned to lava and if we touched it we would die instantly. Pretty sure we waited until not another baby spider could be seen before we dared to get down, and then the rest of the night was a bust because we were all to scared to move anything.

2. After that job I went to work at a place that made granite countertops. The building was out in the sticks, surrounded by trees and not much else. It was here that I first encountered the wolf spider. Do you know of it?
If not, I don't want to terrify you or cause you to break your computer, so I won't post a picture.
But you can see one here:
Click at your own will
These spiders are huge. And hairy. And like all their little friends, sneaky as hell.
There is nothing like typing happily away on your computer, only to look down and see a mini tarantula inches from your foot. 
You WILL pee your pants.
I never got used to it (DUH!) and it was pretty high on my list of reasons to quit that job.

What's your fear? Are you as terrified as the creepy crawlers as I am?
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haha that picture!

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