Revolting Against My Mom Body: Week 1

I am not a fan of working out. I don't enjoy physical fitness, the sweating, all the moving around. Boo.
But what I am a fan of is eating well, and clean eating is what helped me to not gain an insane amount of weight when I was pregnant, and to lose the weight that I did gain really quickly after having Brooks.
But now here I am almost a year later, and my body just doesn't look like MY body (I guess 2 kids will do that).
While my scale my say "You're good." My hips (and stomach and thighs and ass) don't lie. It's not all good. I have a serious case of mom stomach happening, and it's no good. It's a serious epidemic! While fully clothed I can easily trick people into thinking everything is under control under my clothes. But take them layers off, and it's a loosey goosey mess. Everything just needs to tighten, you know? 
So while just the idea of a workout plan makes me want to crawl back in bed and hide under the covers, today I am starting Revolt.
Revolt was born out of Nichole Huntsman's own struggles with weight loss. After 10 years of experimenting, competing on stage and earning her certification as a NASM, CPT, she's now sharing the fat-blasting shortcuts she's come to love. Let her help guide you on your journey with a turn-key system that takes all the guesswork out of fitness. Includes a Quick-Start Guide, the current 6-week workout plan, a daily workout video of the day's workout, the current 6-week diet, and a community of people all working the program together. It's time to reclaim your body, and say NO to living life as a BEFORE. 
I'm not posting any before pictures, because I prefer to only have flattering photos of myself on the internet. And let's face it. A picture of me with a self described mom stomach, standing in a too small bikini, looking like a sad sack, is NOT flattering. But props to all those that can do it, you've got way more guts than me!
So here's me being a total pansy by sharing a fully dressed photo of myself. I tend to wear a lot of loose, long tops to keep things under wraps:)
My current stats:
Weight: 130lb
Body Fat: 26.51%
Waist: 33"
Hips: 38"
Thighs: 21"
Chest: 35"

We were suposed to start the first week with a detox, but due to some confusion, I didn't realize this until after I bought the groceries for the meal plan. So I had Spinach Quiche Bites and some grapefruit for breakfast. I haven't done the workout yet because I probably won't be able to move after, and I wanted to type this out before I fall into a workout induced coma.
I'm hoping to not really lose weight, but to just tighten up all the areas that have started to sag:)
So wish me luck on this 6 week journey to a fiter me! 

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I was chosen to participate in Revolt for free, in exchange for posting and sharing my experiences. All opinions are my own.


Jane Droll said...

well you look amazing to me, and your stats are AWESOME!!!

i have never had kids. i have an office job. i am lazy. i love to eat. AND IT SHOWS!!!! it is better to get things together sooner, rather than later. i am 42, screeching up on 43, and i have much work to do. if i don't, things will only get a helluva lot worse!!!

Jenn said...

There is no shame in not posting a photo of yourself in little skimpies if you are not comfortable with it. I couldn't believe how I my body fat % was. So I am right there with you in the fact that I don't care to shed weight, I'd rather fix the problem areas.