Modern Day Ruins

I have a strange love for abandoned buildings. There were a few deserted homes and buildings around town that I would go explore when I was younger. No matter how old they were, it always seemed like you were walking into a different time. I'm especially intrigued when "stuff" is just left behind. What happened to cause these people who lived or worked there to just leave without taking all there crap?
Awhile back I got kinda obsessed at looking at websites showing the abandoned houses and buildings in Detroit. Check out 100 Abandoned Houses or Forgotten Detroit for hauntingly beautiful pictures of buildings that were just....left.  
Some of these homes are so gorgeous now, can you imagine what they looked like in their prime?

I don't know about you, but seeing these once grand buildings left to rot breaks my heart.

To help save these incredible buildings from destruction, you can donate to Preservation Nation here.
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Jenn said...

Oh my is there nothing more beautiful that the old train station. I have a huge fascination as well with abandoned buildings in Detroit. I grew up in the suburbs outside of Detroit and always loved to go downtown to visit. I actually had wedding pictures taken in some of the old, industrial buildings down there.

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