250 words of me!

I recently found the Story of My Life, blog
(do you know it? Do you read it? Do you love it??)
and at the perfect time! She's doing a "Blog Everyday in  May" Challenge, and I just HAD to participate. Coming up with blog topics is hard, and any help I can get is much appreciated.
So I am going to try, really try, to follow along.
But let's just get through day 1 and see where it goes, shall we?

Day 1: The story of your life in 250 words or less. Here goes...
I was born on February 20th, 1984, in San Francisco, CA. Our home in San Fran caught fire, and we moved back to Henderson, KY where my mom is from. I had scarlet fever as a child, and that, other than child birth, is the only time I've ever been in the hospital. My mom remarried when I was 5 and we moved to Evansville, IN. My stepdad happened to have a daughter the same age as me, and that blond haired little girl is still my best friend, despite the fact that our parents divorced 12 years ago. 

I started working at age 14, at a local burger joint. From there I went to work for a pizza place, a telemarketer, a retirement home, an interior decorator, a card shop, a furniture store, a countertop business, doing marketing for a mall, and finally running my own business. Somewhere between the retirement home and the marketing job I got  degrees in Advertising & Public Relations, as well as a degree in Art from the University of Southern Indiana. I have used literally 0% of that education. But my freshman year of college I met this hot young man that would be my future husband, and 10 years later we are still going strong, with the addition of 1 dog, 1 cat, and 2 little boys. We are kinda hoping there are more babies to come, but I guess we will have to see what happens in the next 10 years!

Life's good.

Side note: I literally typed that out, copy and pasted into Word to see the word count, and it was 250 words on the money. I'm so money I dont even know how much money I am!!

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1 comment:

Jane Droll said...

well i love that you and your step sis are still best friends. that is FAB. my youngest sister is still my favorite person on planet earth, and i am pretty sure she always will be. it is nice when you have someone like that. :)

AND i love that you and your man are still happy and having a great time after all these years. THAT IS ENCOURAGING!

more kids! boy (lol), you have energy for days if you are game for more!!

p.s. you are the cutest thing!