Rain, Rain, Go Away...

What the Fraggle Rock??

It's raining pigs & noodles here today, and making me quite gloomy.

I'm not feeling like jumping off clifts or anything, but I do wish i could be cheerful like these ladies:


It has officially been one week of the 10 Minute Trainer workout I started. And let me tell you, that program is straight up Chuck Norris, tough as balls.
The instructor is Tony Horton, and this guy is intense. Dudes 52 and looks seriously no older than 35.

He's going to KILL me!!!

But I'm feelin pretty good after 7 days of fitness. The first day I finished the workout, and was sprawled on the floor trying to catch my breath when the phone rang. It was Tony. He said my shits weak.
But now, in 7 short days, Im already feeling stronger, and more bendy! And I have eaten mostly healthy food lately (I say mostly because I'm not sure where vodka falls on the food pyramid).

Just gotta keep it going...but Im seriously jonesin for some sushi today.
What to do...



Alicia said...

HAHAHAAA!!! "It was Tony. He said my shits weak." classic!! and dude i'd eat sushi for every meal if my effin' bowels weren't such divas!! booo.... and i know what you mean about the rain!! my fence blew down! GRRRRR

Iva said...

seriously this rain totally needs to stop!! Its out of control!! such a mess!

Debbie said...

What is up with that golden rain one? Freaky.

Gabby said...

Ahahaha the golden rain one just killed me! And I cannot believe that man is 52...that's insane. Good for you - you totally deserve some sushi and vodka! :)

Sam said...

LOL! This post cracked me up! Loved the part about Tony calling. :p

That's so great that you've been at it for a weak though! I usually crap out around day 2 :p

- Sam

Sam said...

And wow. I said "weak" instead of "week" ... usually I'm a grammar nazi.. Whoops.

I'm just the MOM said...

golden rain?! wth?! lol anyways...i love 10 minute trainer!!!! i'm from mom bloggers club and wanted to say hi!
p.s. yay for sushi! its healthy!


Clorivak said...

i need a mean man to yell at me to get me into shape...bad.

Iva said...

ps have a great weekend!!

drollgirl said...

feeling more BENDY?!?1 AHHAHAHA!!! LOVE THAT!

all this rain this week has sucked as! making my commute an even BIGGER NIGHTMARE!

cheers to a good weekend! i think vodka is made of grains or potatoes or something -- so that makes it healthy. add a little oj or cranberry and it will be REALLY healthy. :)

Angela said...

Jillian Michaels tells me my shit is weak often. I call her a bitch and move on. :-D

Excited to follow your blog now!

brad said...

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