I hate my job.

I really don't, but Im so busy at work this week that there's no time for blogging and stalking. Now thats not right. There should be mandatory blog breaks at every job.

Anyways, hopefully my job will slow down so I can get down with some bloggin.

This is what I look like at work. No lie.
Okay, maybe a little lie.

till then, check out this fab giveaway from Juliana at

Its in InStyler. And I need it. BAD.

photos courtesy of we♥it


Jill said...

haha I'm all for work blog breaks too! I do sneakily post on my blog at work sometimes :) shhh

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...


Alex said...

Work is overrated...all that money and stuff, who needs it?

Divine Mrs D said...

I agree with Alex. And that's how I look at work too. ;)

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