Do I Know You?

Well this is awkward.

I haven't posted on this site in 1.5 years. Not months. YEARS.
I'd basically given up. Not on life in a "if you're reading this it's too late" way, but just on this blog. Calm down.

But I just peeked my head into see how this little space was doing. I had to push through some cobwebs and reset my password, but I made it! Here I am!

But sadly not to stay:(

Just wanted to drop a line to let any wayward visitors to this here lost ark know that I have a new website recently launched for my business AND...There's a blog!

It'll be more of the same that used to periodically go here, but now it's there.

You can check it out if you're bored, which you probably are because you are here, still reading this.

So here it it, hope to see you there sometime!


Oh, and you can totally still follow me on Instagram and Twitter, @tribeandtrade on both.


Happy Halloween from these nerds!

Hope everyone is having a fun and spooky Halloween!
It's pissing rain here and everyone is freaking out that TRICK OR TREATING COULD BE CANCELLED!! The horror!

Lucky for us, we already trick or treated a couple of weeks ago, and what...a treat it was.

I'm dying over Brooks as Wicket? Are you dying?? Dead and buried.
I found my Leia costume at Target last year after Halloween, and got it for $5. FIVE DOLLARS. Unbelievable that some poor smuck paid the full $30 price. It even came with a gross wig, but I opted to throw that away and use my real hair instead. Sock buns=Leia hair.
Richard's Han Solo costume was mostly from the Goodwill. I sewed the red stripes on his pants, and he spray painted a dollar store gun.
For Lincoln's adorable Luke Skywalker, we just needed the robe thingy and boots. The 'robe' is a plain white adult sweatshirt, cut and wrapped with a belt. The boots were another Goodwill find. (Don't tell lincoln, but they are totally girl boots. I just cut the flowers off the sides and scuffed them up a bit to make them look manly.)
And that little Ewok. 
The bear costume was another clearance find at Target last year. Add a cut up tshirt and voila! Wicket!

Hope your Halloween is as out of this world as ours!

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Frysiko Eyelash Serum Review

Back in April I was sent a tube of Fysiko Eyelash Serum to review. I was pumped to try it, because who doesn't want thicker, fuller, longer lashes that need less mascara to look awesome
Can't get mad at that.
And then, once I began actually reading about the product, I was even more excited to learn that the serum could be used to help grow your eyebrows. I'm sure most people think that sounds awful, because who wants more browage to tweeze. But I have been living with what can only be described as 'chola' brows for far to long, and it was time to make a change. It all started back in the late 90's, early 2000's when super thin eyebrows were all the rage. Or maybe I just thought they were? 
The point is they got plucked constantly until now, years later, they were at a point of no return. I have tried unsuccessfully to grow my eyebrows out into a Lily Collins/Cara Delevingne situation. It was not happening.
Enter Fysiko Serum, and 16 weeks later I can happily say my brows are on their way to becoming the stuff recovering cholas dream of. They seriously haven't been this thick since their first time meeting a pair of tweezers freshman year of high school.
I know they're a little scraggly, but we're in the growing out stage, so cut me some slack.
And notice the lashes! Definitely longer.
Can we please not even talk about how my under eye skin looks eerily like raw chicken skin?
But seriously, those lashes!! And being honest, I did not use this everyday for the 16 weeks. I can't even remember to take my birth control everyday unless I leave it right next to the bathroom sink.
But with applying a thin strip to my lash line and brows as often as I remembered, I definitely saw impressive results. Plus, I love that the product is all natural and never tested on animals.

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*I was sent this product free of charge to provide an honest (and compensated) review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are based solely on my own experiences. Results may vary.



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