Tears, cake, and baby puke.

Today was my last day at work! I have officially made the switch to being a work from home mom. It was actually very bittersweet. As much as I hated that job (with every fiber of my being) I liked a lot of my coworkers. 
There were tears, and then there was me yelling at everybody to get it together. I hate when people cry. I got several awkward hugs. 
And then, as I'm in the middle of training my replacement (a loud, swearing, smoking Kentuckian who has a gay brother and lives in sin with her boyfriend. I thought she was fantastic and wished we could've worked together, but all the uber religious conservatives that work there are going to eat her alive.) I get a call that Brooks is throwing up, from what is most likely the flu. Fantastic. So I have to cut my last day short (boo hoo). 
But not before I got most ridiculously girly and colorful cake EVER!!

So now I am on to the next chapter of my life. And it is going to rock.

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