I may have made a mistake.

My first week of being a work-from-home mom is quickly coming to and end, and, real talk, it has NOT been what I expected. There is just so much to do! I know that it will take awhile to figure out a routine, and to get Brooks on a regular schedule, so hopefully this week has just been a test and it will (fingers crossed) get better!

A few things I have learned this week:

1. The flu spares no one. Brooks was sent home from daycare last Friday with what they thought was the flu. So my last day of work was cut short (I ain't even mad) so that I could go pick him up. But then he only puked one more time, so I was like psssssshhhhhhh, that's not the flu. Well guess who got the flu? EVERYBODY WHO LIVES IN MY HOUSE. It started Sunday with Lincoln puking in the kitchen trashcan and didn't end until the last shit was taken on Wednesday morning. Not the ideal start to my new lifestyle....

2. Trying to run a business from home while simultaneously being responsible for an 8 month old is a kind of exhausting that I never knew existed. No lie, "What was I thinking?" has been muttered no less than 9,080,476 times this week. I use to spend 6 hours a day just playing on the Internet, and a couple days this week I couldn't even find the time to comb my hair.
I can't get anything done. And my house is disgusting.
The reason I can't get anything done. And why my house is disgusting.

3. Words babies either don't understand, or give zero fucks about:
their name

4. Brooks sleeps WAY less than I thought he would, and eats WAY more than I thought he would.
So it's been....intense, to say the least. But there have also been some redeeming moments, such as getting to spend all day with the funniest, happiest baby I've ever met.

And getting to have french toast for lunch. That pretty much cancels out all the bad shit.

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Lindsay Jacobson said...

I love this post, it had me giggling. I know how you feel even though I don't have any babies, but working from home can be a lot tougher than it seems. I went from full time to part time about 8 months ago at my graphic design job because we were not busy enough. My plan was to work from home on getting freelance business. Not as easy as it sounds. I would find myself cleaning the house and running errands instead. But giving yourself a schedule and blocking out time for certain tasks helps keep you more disciplined. Good luck!