Baby Room Wants

When I was pregnant with Lincoln, Richard and I had all these ideas of how awesome his nursery would be. Then my pregnancy got complicated, he came early, and we were forced to put him in a partially finished BORING room. He eventually got an awesome room, in the form of the bad ass superhero room he currently resides in, but I can't help but feel sorry for infant Lincoln staring up from his crib at those blank white walls, just begging for something interesting to amuse him!! I refuse to let that happen again, so I am planning an amazing room that I WILL have done in time for this baby boy's arrival.

Theme: Where the Wild Things Are

  1. DaVinci Emily Crib-we have this crib and matching changing table from Lincoln. It's in a really dark espresso, almost black color and I (luckily) still love it.
  2. Dali Decals Birch Tree's--I'm wanting to do just the wall where the crib is with tree's, and I'm torn between this set of 8 decals, and the wallpaper in #20. These are cheaper so they'll probably win that battle...
  3. Vintage Map Art by Stoic--this print from our Etsy shop will go perfect!
  4. Must have a globe--this one is from Urban Outfitters, but I'm sure I can thrift one for WAY cheaper than $39
  5. Spanish Moss Knobs --these are amazing!
  6. Moon in my Room Nightlight--I'm kinda obsessed with this and might put it in my room instead...
  7. Ubiquity Lamp --like most things from Anthro this lamp is WAY out of my budget($298!!!!)...maybe I can figure a DIY out for this??
  8. Set of 2 globe pendant lights...to hang over the rocking chair, but I only need one...
  9. Driftwood Mirror--I think this would be an easy DIY project...and save me $149!!
  10. Another Vintage Map Art Canvas from our shop...
  11. Planks for the Memories pillow--for cushioning my ass during all those restless nights spent in the rocking chair...
  12. Option #2 for the tree's...LOVE this wallpaper, but I would have to get 2 rolls=$400. No thanks.
So those are my ideas so far! Love it?? Hate it??
if you have any other ideas I'd LOVE to hear them,
4 months till baby=GO TIME!


melifaif said...

I completely LOVE this idea. Not so much a theme, but a fabulous idea. AND, on the plus side...can easily grow with lil man. Wishing you {and the crew} all the best sweet Tia.

Justina said...

I love it! Where the Wild things Are is my favorite! I want to see it when it's done :). Much <3

Crystal said...

I want that stuff for my room. Great selection!