Green's not really my color...

I recently had an epiphnay. Really I don't know if it was an epiphany, or just a decision to make a change, or just a whim....
But whatever it was, I felt an urge to make it happen right away. I decided I want to to be more self sufficient. I want to be less reliant on consumerism, and more able to provide for myself and my family.
I know ideas of going green, eating organic and DIY are nothing new, and I'm not claiming to be on the forefront of any revolution. If anything, I'm years behind! But I think that with getting a little older, a little wiser, and thinking about the future that is in store for Lincoln, it has just now hit me how important this is. Im taking baby steps, which is neccesarry for a person who drinks 3 bottled waters a day, takes super long showers and hardley recycles!

Here's my humble beginnings:

1. Recycle, duh.

Yeah, that's a box of wine in our recycling bin. Don't judge.

2. Grow your own.

I grew this basil plant in my kitchen window from one of those starter kits that you really can't screw up...I think it gave me a false sense of accomplishment. So this past weekend Richard and I got our hands dirty and attempted our own mini garden.

There's lettuce, green peppers, strawberries, tomatoes and a few pretty flowers to keep it pretty. May not be much to look at now...but give it a few weeks and that Topsy Turvey is going to blow your mind! (fingers crossed)

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Tiffany Did... said...

Keep us posted how the growing goes. I am not having too much luck with mine.