Fist Pump Friday

Happy Friday my pretties!!

Hope you all have had a stellar week...I know I have!
So this Fist Pump Friday is all about the good things in my life right now, like....

*Going to see the Shriner's about Lincoln's legs yesterday, and them giving us hope that his bones are working really hard to correct themselves, so we may not need surgery! YAY! It was so cool to see the xrays that actually showed the new bone forming, and to be reassured that, in time, my little man will be able to run and play sports and do what ever else he feels like doing...with out being held back by physical problems.

*Being a week closer to starting my new big girl job! I just have next week left at the job from hell, then I'm off to bigger and better things! And new professional clothes....which means I better get shopping. i have worn nothing but jeans to work for the past 3.5 years, and the new gig says helltotheno to the dungarees. Upside? I love a perfectly indisputable reason to go shopping. Downside? My town has a serious lack of good shopping spots....

*But STL doesn't! Which is exactly where I'll be this weekend. Me and the boys are heading back to St. Louis tomorrow to catch the Rangers vs. Blues hockey game, and I'm just thinking I might be able to put on my best puppy dog eyes to say "but Richard, I HAVE to have new work clothes! puh-puh-puh-PLEASE take me shopping??" Works like a charm! 

Have a freakin fantastic weekend!!


melifaif said...

Yay!!!!! I knew Lincoln was going to be okay too....I have chills typing this. For both of us. I feel like I have a new lease on life. And I am about to LIVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Love ya sista. Enjoy your STL weekend. Whooot!!!!

Gabby said...

I'm so glad that you got good news about your cutie pie son! That has to be such a relief. Have a great weekend, ladylove!

drollgirl said...

such good news!!! SO GOOD! avoiding surgery is almost always a good thing!!!!!!

and you are THIS CLOSE to that new job! new clothes are a must. HOW EXCITING!!!

Suomi said...

I don’t know what to say. This is definitely one of the better blogs I’ve read. You’re so insightful, have so much real stuff to bring to the table. I hope that more people read this and get what I got from it: chills. Great job I can’t wait to read more, keep them coming! .