It's been awhile...

So the new job is officially kicking my blogs ass. I typically would only blog while on the clock, and apparently that's a big no no with a new job....so sorry I've been mia for awhile!

Quick update(whilst on my lunch break)
I LOVE my new job!! I'm still in the feeling like the stupid new kid phase, buts once that's passed I think I will fit right in!

Lincoln is good, except for his new found fondness for removing his pants. While cooking dinner a few nights ago I go into the living room to check on him. I find him with his pants down, making elephant noises. His pee-pee was the elephants trunk. Clever kid.

And that's about it! I can't wait to catch up in everybody's blogs...thank god for iPhones!

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melifaif said...

I am with ya gurl. No blogging, just working. But, no new job. My word for 2011 was/is FOCUS. And that is what I am trying to do. Stay focused, which = NO BLOGGING!!! Boo on that....miss ya lady. Was thinking about you and your fam over the weekend.

Aleksandra said...

Agreed! Honestly, sometimes this whole "work" thing really gets in the way of my personal life! Have a great week :)

Alex said...

Couldn't agree more - I could waste days on the blogosphere! Congrats on loving the new job.

Alicia said...

laaaaame....tell your new boss that my happiness depends on you blogging. :) but i'm glad to hear that the new job is going good! sometimes i miss doing the 9-5 deal. and seriously...little miss is going through the same no pants deal! she's trying to potty train herself. its awful!