What Lincoln's Loving Right Now + Yu•Be giveaway!--CLOSED

I did my list yesterday of what I love at the moment, but here is what Lincoln is into right now:

♥Playing at the playground. Its like a whole new freedom!!
On the playground was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool

Ouchies bandages.  My kid is not boring, and he finds some pretty creative ways to hurt himself, so these band-aids are perfect for him! They have the Mr. Men & Little Miss characters on them, and they pretty much rock!
Ouchies made it ALL better!

Sid the Science Kid. Seriously. Have you seen this show?? Its on PBS, and its this little boy who want to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. Which is all find and dandy, until he says at the end "Remember to never stop asking questions!" WTF Sid?? I'll slap you into next week for saying some crazy mess like that! I like my kid quiet, please!

♥But he loves Bob WAY more than he loves Sid. And he especially loves his Sponge Bob PJ's!

Playskool's Wheel Pals. I got these two cute little critters, a zebra and giraffe, from Hasbro Toys, and Lincoln LOVES them! They are the perfect size for his little hands, and hes constantly zooming all over the place with them!

♥His big boy seat. Thats right, my baby has said sayonara to the high chair, and hello to the fabulous world of booster seats! Where has my baby gone?? Sob.

♥His So Smart dvd. Okay, maybe I like this one more than he does, but its pretty great. So Smart has an entire line of educational dvds, and their Baby's First Word Stories are great for expanding Lincoln's vocab. They are slow paced with gentle music and images, instead of all the over the top story lines you find in most children's dvd's.
He likes to be comfortable when he watches his movies.

Wow. That was a long post.

And its not over yet!!
Do you remember the Yu•Be moisturizing skin cream I was raving about yesterday?
Well they contacted me and offered to do a giveaway to one of my readers!!The giveaway is for the Yu•Be Super Value pack, which has 2 tubes of the skin cream, as well as a Yu•Be Lip Therapy (which I also have, and love!). And it all comes a fun little travel pouch:
Seriously, this stuff is amazing, and you CRAZY if you don't enter!!!

Heres how to win:

For your first entry, be a follower. 

For a second entry, become a fan of Yu•Be on Facebook. (please leave your profile name in your comment)

For a third entry, grab my button

For a fourth entry, blog about the giveaway (make sure to leave the link in your comment). 

For a fifth entry, become a follower of Yu•Be on Twitter. (please leave your profile name in your comment)

 giveaway will close on Thursday, March 18th at midnight.
Good luck!


Kristen said...

I am a follower.

and you little man is too cute, especially in his Sponge Bob jammies!

Gabby said...

Okay, Lincoln is adorable. I'm not really current with all the kid stuff, but at the very least I can say that! :)

Um this is a super awesome giveaway and I want to win! I follow you! And I just followed them on Twitter (I'm gabbyshewrote). Yay!

drollgirl said...

he is so cute!!!!!!

and please enter me in this giveaway! i am a follower!

Kitty Stampede said...

what an adorable lil dude you got..so sweet.
i follow you of course, that stuff sounds awesome!!

Ashley Stone said...

cute pics! I got the t-shirt in the mail yesterday that I won, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

That boy is TOO perfect, too cute..the whole nine! I'm a follower of your fab blog & would love to try your miracle stuff!

(PS-drop by my blog to pick up an award when you have the time. http://boobiesbabiesblog.blogspot.com)

boobiesbabiesandablog AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I have your button here http://boobiesbabiesblog.blogspot.com

EmcogNEATO! said...

I'm a follower now!

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

WHOOO HOOO Cindi is a follower.

bananas. said...

Dang lincoln has good taste ;)

Yay giveaways! Love 'em!

Lisa said...

Spongebob is a fav in this house too!

I follow you! Doesn't everyone:)

Kristin said...

My lil' dude is 20 mos. How about yours?

Alicia said...

FIRST OF ALL....you tell my future son in law that he looks friggin ADORABLE! and...my boogie has those same jammies!! no joke, scouts honor! and secondly...all you other bishes need not enter. that lotion is MINE ya hear? no but for real...i neeeeeed it. happy weekend lover!

Anonymous said...

i am a new follower. your blog looks great!

Anonymous said...

i follow them on twitter where i am agodlyhomemaker

1955nurse said...

OK and so, thinking that I am, like the super-coolest Grandma ever and knew about so many of the greatest things for this age have learned about TWO things I now need to get my Grandson - those Hasbro Wheelie-animals (too cute!) and start a collextion of those "So smart" dvds. Oh -- and I soooo want to try this 'Yu-be' skin/lip care. (Been wanting to for awhile now!)
You have a great blog here - look forward to seeing what comes next!

1955nurse said...

I;m a follower of your blog - forgot to put that on my entry, sorry!
(No more entries for me, no FB, Twitter, or blog of my own ;-( ) Thanks again for the great giveaway!!!!