What I'm Loving Right Now

There are so many things that are making me happy at the moment, such as:

♥warmer weather. I love this time of year!! Its perfect not-to-hot, not-to-cold weather that just makes me want to play outside all day. Please never go away. K?

Kiss My Face beauty products. They have the most amazing natural, organic skin care products I have found. Their Potent & Pure line is currently rocking my world, and the Eyewitness Eye Repair Creme has single handedly made me go from sleepwalking zombie to well rested super model(well almost, anyways). Try it. You will NOT be disappointed.

♥Spinach. Is that a weird thing to love?? Well just call me Popeye, cause I can't get enough of the green stuff! I like to have mine with cream cheeses and a splash of lemon juice. Seriously, my stomach just growled typing that.
♥Having slumber parties with my boys. We usually let Lincoln sleep with us once or twice a week, and it is the best. Forget the fact that our bed is already PACKED with 2 adults, a dog, and a cat. Forget the fact the Lincoln likes to spin around so either his head or a foot is slammed into my jugular. Forget the fact that he drools on my pillow. He is the BEST cuddle buddy, and I wish he would never grow up☺

Yu•Be moisturizing skin cream. This miracle cream will be responsible for my smooth, baby soft feet come sandal weather. This Japanese moisturizer is medicated and vitamin enriched. Its made with a special manufacturing process that makes is super absorbable, so its more effective on dry skin than any other product I've used.  
♥Coming home to find a package on my doorstep. {And not THAT kind of package, get your minds outta the gutter pervs!!}  I've gotten some really cool stuff lately that I can't wait to show you guys, so stay tuned!

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bananas. said...

i'm always intrigued by new eye products but you gotta be honest...will it beautify me to the extreme? because that's what i'm looking for.

i spent a gripload on eye stuff just recently and so far, nada. boo...

great list hun!

Gabby said...

Ooh, I'm gonna check out that moisturizer...you make it sound amazing :)

Yay for warm weather, spinach, and slumber parties!

Richard said...

I gotta package for ya!! haha

Alicia said...

i friggin LOVE spinach! no joke.....and i even love brussel sprouts! weird, i know. but lady i need that moisturizer!! where do you get it?!?! and how CUTE that you let the wee one snuggle with you :)

Anonymous said...

I <3 spinach too! I think we're in the minority on that though. ;)

You might have just sold me on the Yu•Be moisturizing skin cream. I'm super crazed about having soft feet but haven't found "THE ONE" when it comes to foot products.

Kitty Stampede said...

i`ve been using kiss my face but not that kind you speak of. i love the fact its all natural, cause there are soo many god knows what chemicals we put in our bodies and on our skin. i must check this stuff out..i`ve never used an eye cream before but i`m think i should start..late 20`s things start to happen...yikes.