“Sometimes I’ll do something and I’ll think to myself, ‘that is so Raven.

"And then other times I’ll do something and I’ll be like, ‘that was not very Raven.’”

This is one of those "so Raven" times.
I'm having a baby!!
Okay, to be fair, that's not completely accurate. I take it back. So Sorry.
So Im not like, with child, at this very moment. Its more like, intent to get knocked up.
Thats right, Rich and I are planning baby #2.
That's so weird to say, especially since baby #1 was SUPER unplanned. 
We have a set a date, or at least a month, for the purposeful sexing to begin!
Thats soon!! I'm stoked. I've been on baby crack for months, and Richards probably just doing this to shut me up. 
Why May, you might be asking? A few reasons, and they all revolve around our besties wedding:
1. I already have my Maid of Honor dress, and would like it to fit.
2. I like booze. Wedding=free booze. Can't pass that up!
3. The pictures would be awful. I would be in that pregnant-but-not-really-showing-mostly-just-looking-chubby phase. Not cute.

I can not WAIT to have a baby in the house again. It feels like its been so long...
so tiny!

I can't wait to bore you all with the tales of my pregnancy. And I figured if I posted this here, Richard couldn't take it back. Ha! 

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Anonymous said...

Awww! Congrats on the big decision! That's awesome. Lincoln will be a great big bro, I'm sure.

I have 3 kids and STILL get baby fever..I could easily end up like Octomom if my husband didn't give me the big hell to the no! :)

USCGWifey said...

Yay! I wish you the best! My husband and I have been trying for 2 years! Good luck! :)

Denise said...

Stopping by from Trendy Treehouse Friday Follow to say HI! Come by and say Hi!

erica said...

This is so freaking cute. Congrats on the ... decision!

Purposeful sexing... so funny. OKay, seriously though, you are making me want a baby again...

Stopping from SITS- welcome!

bananas. said...

Congrats hun! You ask and you shall receive. Haha.

Now me having a baby...not so raven.

Tiffany said...

congratulations! such good news--and i totally understand about the wedding. i was pregnant in one of my friend's weddings and it was just not cute!

Lisa said...

That's a good plan...on both counts, starting in May and putting it on here so he can't take it back lol!! I'm totally jealous but happy for you!!

Sam said...

Yay! Congratulations on the big decision!!

LOL... "purposeful sexing" ... your posts crack me up

CraftGirlAlli said...

yay! how exciting! good luck! we are currently trying for #2...but no luck yet :(

Kristin said...

I'm dying to get going on numero dos. The hubs is taking some convincing. Congrats!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Awwww, happy sexing!! :) I hope it happens right away!{come May}.

I better stop before this whole thing sounds like a rhyme. :)

MelissaAggie98 said...

Happy Friday Follow! I'm your newest follower...if you get a chance, can you please follow me too?


Sam said...

oh and p.s. I left you a little something something at my blog


grotesquely long post, I know.. feel free to skip to the bottom haha

Candice Pair said...

thats so exciting! my husband and i are talking about starting for baby #2 this summer, too!

melifaif said...

That is freaking exciting...and crazy! Just kidding. I was out of the loop last week with a nasty computer virus. I missed you like a creackhead misses crack. I guess? Your blog is who I thought of most....sigh....I'm back betches!!!

drollgirl said...

lucky you! baby making begins in may! i am sure you will make another cutie that will bring you a lifetime of smiles! whee! and i like how you think. and plan. pure genius!