Cause I keeps it real, yo.

I really, truly love nothing more than getting awards! 
Seriously, I'm already just a tad bit conceited, and this stuff just shoots it through the roof!

So first off, a big hug and a thank you to Ashley at As a Matter of Opinion.  She rocks, trust me.

Next, I'm supposed to share 10 honest facts about myself. This is getting tougher and tougher....

1.  Husband and I recently started Dave Ramseys Financial Peace. Its not so much they we have a ton of debt(2 student loans) I'm we just aren't good at saving money. Its helping A LOT!

2.  I have a fairly strong addiction to unsweet tea. I ♥ it.

3.  I HATE my job. I wish, on a pretty regular basis, for it to burn to the ground. With nobody in it of course! I'm not some crazy disgruntled worker out for blood!

4.  I'm mixed, my dad is Italian and my mom is black.

5. I love to read. And I'm good at it. I know your probably thinking that readings not really a talent, but I can read super fast. And upside down.

6.  I have a weird fear of making appointments for myself, and up until about age 23, would still have my mom  call and make all my doctors appointments.

7. I was in the spelling club in middle school. But only because they had free donuts every morning, I'm really a terrible speller!

8.  I love to sew, but can rarely find the time too.

9. There are certain words that I can't stand. Like I literally cringe when I hear them. I'm not telling you what they are, because then you'll use them against me. 

10.  I'm not a fan of the outdoors. I'd rather be inside where it's climate controlled and they are no bugs. I HATE bugs!

10 bloggers who deserve this award. hhhmmmmm......
I'm going to be a total jerk and pretend I didn't know about passing this award on...I'm SO exhausted today and can barely type this sentence.....


Meredith Travels said...

there are definitely words I hate too! they just ick me out to think about them. moist? NOT OKAY moisture? sure, I can handle it.

Good luck with the job!

drollgirl said...

i love tea, too!

and i hate many a word out there! some are just maddening!!!

and this day is horrid! may it pass quickly for us all!

Anonymous said...

Love your list! Though i would love to know some of your hated words! ;)

katie + bret said...

ooo I have a list of words that do me in as well! "embrace" gag me.. and when sports announcers use the word "penetrate" ... that is just NOT normal

Shell said...

LOL @ being in the spelling club just for the donuts!

Cindermommy said...

I am 29, and if I could get my mom to make appointmesnt for me, I totally would.

Iva said...

I love tea too....except mine has to be HUGELY sweetened lol ;)

Ashley Stone said...

I'm an awful speller too....thank goodness for spellcheck!

Alicia said...

i was totally in a spelling bee in the 6th grade. yup. i was the shiz! and my husband is the SAME way with appointments! i still have to make every single one for him...crazy i tell you! hope you're having an awesome week lady love!

Karrie's Creations said...

love your blog and must say that i to have a fear of making myself appts .. i can make them for my kids fine... i use to have my husband do it for me but i'm trying to do it myself these days :)

LINDSAY said...

My mom keeps pushing that Dave Ramsey stuff on me. She also thinks people should pay cash for their first home, so I tend to blow it off. Maybe it's sensible after all. ?