Follow me and everything is alright...A GIVEAWAY!!--CLOSED!

I am so SUPER DUPER pumped!!
200 followers for me?? I feel so loved♥
So in honor of this, my milestone, I present my first EVER giveaway.
And its GOOD!
This giveaway comes courtesy of Ban T-Shirts, an awesome political t-shirt company. Their shirts are made of organic cotton, and are produced in the US, sweatshop free. Not only do their shirts make a statement about the big issues, but they help the environment! Ban T-Shirts is in association with Trees for the Future, which plants a tree for every t-shirt sold.
Guilt free shopping? I think so.
The winner gets their choice of one of these rockin shirts:

I just got really picture happy, but I couldn't pick just one!

Now for the rules:
(Open to US residents only)

For your first entry, be a follower (it's o.k., I promise).

For a second entry check out Ban T-Shirts website, and let me know which shirt you would choose if you won (Its impossible!).

For a third entry, blog about the giveaway (make sure to leave the link in your comment).

For a fourth entry, become a fan of Ban T-Shirts on Facebook.

For a fifth entry, Become a follower of Ban T-Shirts on Twitter.

And just because I'm lazy, please tell me in one comment how many entries you have. For example, if you did all of the above, leave all the info in ONE comment.
The giveaways will close on Wednesday, March 3rd at midnight.
Good luck, and thanks for being a follower!!


~J said...

I'm a follower! (Sorry, Ma!)

boobiesbabiesandablog AT gmail DOT com

Alicia said...

whoop whoop!! 200 fool! that's awesome :) and seriously, you know i love you girl! so glad you're around!! of course i'm a follower.... :)

~J said...

Lovin the "Real Men beat their meat" tee..."Free Speech" gets second place!

boobiesbabiesandablog AT gmail DOT com

~J said...

blogged! http://boobiesbabiesblog.blogspot.com/2010/02/super-cool-chickwith-super-cool.html
boobiesbabiesandablog AT gmail DOT com

~J said...

3 entries total for me! :)

Gabby said...

You know I'm a loyal follower! I adore you!

I like the Dream Big shirt.

So that's 2 entries :)

Ashley Stone said...

I follow you!

Ashley Stone said...

I love the "Creativity not conflict" shirt

melifaif said...

You are the easiest give-awayer ever!!! LOL. So, I am a follower. Check. One Point. I LOVE about three shirts, but I will pick "Anything War can do, Peace can do better." Check. Another Point. I will blog about this. Check. Another Point. I am an accountant...so that brings my points to 33!!! Wow. I am sure to win....those shirts ROCK!

bananas. said...

"ban homophobic marriage"...HA! friggen love it!!!

congrats on the 200 but just know, it doesn't take a number to know you're loved :)

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Count me in!

Sunflower mom said...

Yeah! I hope being your lucky 201st follower is the ticket! I have three entries! following/comment/checked ouy the website via your link! woot!

silver said...

I follow you
i like we fix your news shirt

Dimes2Vines said...

Congratulations! I'm following you from Fri Follow!

Kitty Stampede said...

heya...i am most certainly a follower of your rock hard blog and i like the shirt we fix the news just the way we like it!
congrats on the numbas!

MusicalThought said...

I'm a follower, I follow Ban T-Shirts on Twitter (username MusicalThought), Fan-ed Ban T-Shirts on Facebook (name Bronwyn E Haynes), and I want the 'Thought Criminal' t-shirt like you would NOT believe.

bronwyn dot haynes at gmail dot com

Rachel Elizabeth said...

I'm a follower.


Rachel Elizabeth said...

If I was to win I think I would get this one.



Fibro Fog and More... said...

I'm a following!!! Thanks!!

Fibro Fog and More... said...

My favorite is the Work Harder Support the Rich shirt.

Fibro Fog and More... said...

I become a fan of Ban T-Shirts on Facebook. Thanks!

Fibro Fog and More... said...

I become a follower of Ban T-Shirts on Twitter.

cristiniscouponcrazy said...

1. i am a follower
2. id chose real men beat their meat not their women and children
3. im a fan of ban t shirts on facebook
4. i am following ban on twitter

i hope i win:)

fashionfrugality said...

I would love to own the God Bless Everyone religious T-shirt!
kkondek at gmail.com

USCGWifey said...

1. I follow now
2. I looked through all of them and my favorite is still "There is no planet B"
3. Fan on FB
4. Follow on Twitter
uscgwifey at gmail dot com

ginnn7 said...


I follow


KIM said...

So I get 3 entries
1. I am a follower
2. I would like the "Work harder support the Rich"
3. I am following Ban Tshirts on Twitter.

mommypants13 said...

Wow those are really cool

1. I follow you
2. I like the tree hugger shirt
3. I am following Ban on Twitter

I found you through MWB, and I am following

Michele P. said...

follower +1

BanTees facebook fan +1

choice of shirt Be Afraid +1

total 3 entries!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Beckie said...
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Beckie said...
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Beckie said...
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Beckie said...

1.I'm a follower!
2.I'd get the real men beat their meat and not their women and children shirt
3.I am now following Ban on twitter :D

3 entries for me :)

Sarah Nicole said...

1. I am a new follower.
2. I would love the "there is no planet B" shirt.
3. I am a Facebook Ban fan.
4. I am following Ban on Twitter.


Jan said...

4 Entries for me =)
1. I'm a new follower
2. I want Global warming T-shirt: GLOBAL WARNING
3. I'm a Facebook Ban Fan
4. I'm following Ban on Twitter

My email's at my profile =)