CVS Breakdown

This morning I had to take Lincoln to the doctor. He has an ear infection that won't go away, and it looks like their might be some ear tubes in his future. But for now the doctor just put him on yet another medicine,
to see if it does the trick.

I went to the CVS by my house to get the prescription filled, only to find out that they are out of stock. She calls around to a few other pharmecies, and realizes that this medicine is on backorder, so nowhere has it. Great.

She says she can call my doctor and see if he wants to prescribe something else. Then she says I should just have a seat, because it may take a little while. Is she serious?? She clearly does not have children. But whatever, I obey and take Lincoln to sit down in the waiting area. That last, oh, 5 seconds, and then he's off! He's running up and down aisles like a mad man, devilishly laughing the whole time.

I finally catch up to him when he pauses to inspect an interesting item he found. Its a bottle of menopause pills. And he is attempting to crack that baby open and swallow the whole lot of them! My attempts to take the bottle away are imediately thwarted-he's like a tiny little druggie, tryin to get his fix!

So I do what any good mother would do: I leave him alone with his drugs and head back up to the pharmacy counter. The lady informs me it will probably be another 10 minutes or so, which prompted me to slap her across the face tell her we were leaving, and would return later to pick up the medicine.

Lincoln was still going at that pill bottle, and I was gonna have to buck up and get it away from him. So there we were-in the middle of CVS-my son on the floor protecting his menopause pills. Me, over top of him, using my best wrestling moves to try to get said bottle away from him. And he must have been having some SERIOUS hot flashes, because he started screaming bloody murder! I finally got him in some sort of figure 4 leg hold and wrenched each of his little sweaty fingers off, one by one. Then I snatched him up and made a mad dash to the exit.

Lucky for me, I didn't have to buy any menopause pills today!

I won todays battle, but the war is far from over.

P.S. I was going to take pictures of this fiasco while it was happening, but thought people might judge me. Or call child protective services.


Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

awww bless you and him...sounds like my little Lils episode (minus the menopause pills) from yeterday! glad to know i'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

people without children just don't seem to get it sometimes. 'sure, we can wait. as long as you don't mind all your merchandise on the floor!'

Me+3 said...

At least it wasn't a box of condoms. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

Alicia said...

i'd have let him destroy the store! then maybe they'd fill that prescription a little faster!!! and what is it with kids and medicine bottles????