I think I may have found the perfect job

All I have to do is sell my eggs to some creepy guy.  This is a for real job posting that I found today in my never ending quest for a new job:

Job Type Info
Type of Position:
Odd Jobs
Brief Description:
Seeking brainy and attractive Egg Donor, 10K++
Full Description:
I am an accomplished 40ish year old US Physician living in the US and Asia, and would like to find a mixed Asian looking egg donor. If you are super smart, talented, beautiful and have done great things in the world, please contact me. I plan to raise the children in a very warm and loving environment and have all the support and resources one could hope for.

Ideally you might have graduated at the top of your class, attended a competitive University, are athletic and gifted in the arts, and have an IQ of over 130. You should also be very attractive, between 18-30 years old, in good health, with a healthy family history.

In relation to compensation, I am happy to be generous for the right donor. You would be compensated $10,000++ for your egg donation. For the right donor, I would be willing to financially support you in freezing your own eggs for your own personal use, offer you comprehensive genetic testing for your own purposes, and set up an educational fund for your own children. The value of these added benefits could be upto $50,000. I am offering this in hopes that this opportunity could be mutually beneficial especially for that amazing woman that would have never considered being an egg donor.

If seriously interested, please email a short bio and picture to newparenthood@gmail.com, ideally before February 28th, 2010.
Job Requirements:
You must be in good health, and between the ages of 18-29.
Hours Per Week:
Car Required:
Job Venue:
Job Time Frame:
Job Start Date:
4/15/2010 - Flexible
$10,000.00-$50,000.00/entire job


Shell said...

What is wrong with people????

bananas. said...

HA!!! OMG that is so funny!

you don't know how many times i considered selling my eggs in college. i have fuckin excellent genes that are worth a pretty penny but i just couldn't.

could you imagine? LOL!

I'm just the MOM said...

Ummm ok...LOL. "you should be very attractive" Thats one of my favorite parts. That and "attended a competitive university." LMAO! Hey I'm half Asian, half Hawaiian..do you think I have a chance?

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

It can't be real. My goodness! I love how its under 'odd jobs'.

Susan Erickson said...

lovely....and this guy's a doctor! Visions of frankenstein raising super babies. No eggs for you, Doc!