Dear 2009,

I feel you've been a fickle friend. When you were good, you were really good, and when you where bad, you were a huge bitch.

Their were a few highlights of the year, like seeing my son grow, and turn into an awesome little boy. And I finally quit smoking. For good. Like I'm never picking up another cigarette.

But their was a lot of negatives in '09. Like being stuck in a job that I hate, and feeling like there's nothing I can do about it...and then feeling like a bitch for even complaining when there are so many people without jobs.

And feeling like my husband and I lost control of who we are, and what it is that has made us so special. This year I questioned for the first time in 8 years if we were meant to be together. What the hell is that all about??
But whatever. I'm not going to dwell on how 2009 was my frenemy. Instead, I'm going to make my big plan to shake up 2010!

I have thought long and hard about how I want to change my life for the better, and what I've realized is that I've been letting life live me. And in 2010, I'm gonna start living my life. The Life I want to live.

2010, I'm gonna make you my bitch!!

So lets do it one more time with feeling,


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drollgirl said...

2009 pretty much sucked ass for me! and like you, i want to make 2010 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better. so cheers on that! and happy new year!!!!