Dear 2010,

Hey there! How are you? Come in, get comfy, love your shoes!! Let's
be friends, K??!! This is the start of a beautiful partnership. I want
to live this year! I want to love uncontrollably. Cry at will. Shop
when I feel like it. Lose 10 pounds. End my love affair with vodka.
Just be better. Period.


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drollgirl said...

i hear ya! cheers to you meeting your goals. i already blew one (or three!) of mine today, but that's ok. :)

happy new year!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love how we are all trying to butter up 2010! I'm kissing ass big time hahaha :)

Happy New Year love!

* ! zodiac ! * said...

ain't nothin wrong with vodka, especially if cranberry juice is involved lol, btw your a pisces just like moi! : ) (i rep for us at zodiac personality)..you should check it out

Debra said...

Good luck. And if you fall we will be here to pick you up.

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

I agreee... Good luck to you.