Do I Know You?

Well this is awkward.

I haven't posted on this site in 1.5 years. Not months. YEARS.
I'd basically given up. Not on life in a "if you're reading this it's too late" way, but just on this blog. Calm down.

But I just peeked my head into see how this little space was doing. I had to push through some cobwebs and reset my password, but I made it! Here I am!

But sadly not to stay:(

Just wanted to drop a line to let any wayward visitors to this here lost ark know that I have a new website recently launched for my business AND...There's a blog!

It'll be more of the same that used to periodically go here, but now it's there.

You can check it out if you're bored, which you probably are because you are here, still reading this.

So here it it, hope to see you there sometime!


Oh, and you can totally still follow me on Instagram and Twitter, @tribeandtrade on both.

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