Happy Halloween from these nerds!

Hope everyone is having a fun and spooky Halloween!
It's pissing rain here and everyone is freaking out that TRICK OR TREATING COULD BE CANCELLED!! The horror!

Lucky for us, we already trick or treated a couple of weeks ago, and what...a treat it was.

I'm dying over Brooks as Wicket? Are you dying?? Dead and buried.
I found my Leia costume at Target last year after Halloween, and got it for $5. FIVE DOLLARS. Unbelievable that some poor smuck paid the full $30 price. It even came with a gross wig, but I opted to throw that away and use my real hair instead. Sock buns=Leia hair.
Richard's Han Solo costume was mostly from the Goodwill. I sewed the red stripes on his pants, and he spray painted a dollar store gun.
For Lincoln's adorable Luke Skywalker, we just needed the robe thingy and boots. The 'robe' is a plain white adult sweatshirt, cut and wrapped with a belt. The boots were another Goodwill find. (Don't tell lincoln, but they are totally girl boots. I just cut the flowers off the sides and scuffed them up a bit to make them look manly.)
And that little Ewok. 
The bear costume was another clearance find at Target last year. Add a cut up tshirt and voila! Wicket!

Hope your Halloween is as out of this world as ours!

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