Not even close to homemade caprese style tomato soup

I like to cook, I REALLY do.
I like to fix elaborate meals that take a lot of time and prep work, then come together to make the perfect dish.
I like to sit a plate with some new creation on it in front of Richard and hear him say "Tell about it." And then I like even more when I get to explain to him what I made, and he listens (or at least pretends to, which he's gotten really good at).

But sometimes, I just don't feel like it. Like after a day where Brooks has refused to take a nap and dumped every container of toys out three times. Or when I have to deal with a rude customer. or when I'm so behind on orders that instead of working I just lay in bed for a while and try to forget about it.
On days like that, I don't feel like making homemade tomato soup, so I get this amazing container from Target and pretend like I did.
 And I really don't feel like making my own pesto or bread, so I pick up a little container of the green stuff and a whole wheat baguette while I'm there. 
Then, when I can't even bother with preheating the oven, I put the slice bread in the toaster oven, then slather it in what I claim to be homemade pesto, and cut it into little croutons.
While my soup is heating up, I throw the carton away to hide the evidence, and mix in some chunks of fresh mozzarella. Because duh. It's fresh mozzarella. 
Then I spoon it into a bowl, and top it with several pesto croutons, not bothering to correct anyone when they refer to them as homemade.
And my husband oh's and ah's, commenting on how delicious dinner is.
And offers to clean up after dinner since I slaved away in the kitchen.
And that's how a shitty day ends a little better:)

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