Art by Jim Ferguson

Remember when I mentioned how I'm redoing our living room? Well I am having such a blast searching for awesome, unique art on the Internet. 
Maybe my new favorite past time. 
Probably more like an addiction.
The most recent piece I got was this bad ass Ferris Buehler's Day Off print.
Seriously. Do you love it? Because I love it.
It's from the Jimbeanus shop on Etsy, which is just loaded with awesome recreations of famous movie scenes. Jim Ferguson, the artist, has mixed his passion for art and movies seamlessly. 
Forever in love with Jake Ryan?
Or McFly?
Who can resist the Goonies?
 Jim has so many fantastic scenes to choose from, each one done in his beautiful style.
Make sure and stop by Jim's Etsy shop or his Facebook page to check out more of his original art!

Don't forget to enter the Retro League giveaway...it ends in just a couple of days!

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