Let's get Seussical

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss's birthday, so Lincoln's preschool celebrated Seuss Day today. The kids were allowed to wear costumes, and since we already had a Cat in the Hat hat in our dress up collection, we went with that. Of course, I forgot all about it until Thursday night, so had to pull the costume together with things we had on hand. He had black sweatpants and sweatshirt, and with a white t-shirt underneath he started to look like the cat. But we needed that big red bow.
Lucky for him, I'm a crafty momma, and had all the supplies to make him one.
A google search came up with zip on how to make a Cat in the Hat style bow, so I had to figure it out on my own, and thought I'd share in case anyone else was searching! 
And sorry for the crap pictures. It was late. And I had been drinking.

Cat in the Hat Bow Tie

You'll need red fleece or felt. I used felt because I had some leftover from another project, but I think felt would work just as well, except it might not be as fluffy. You'll also need some skinny elastic and your hot glue gun. Start by cutting a 13x10" rectangle from the fabric, as well as a wonky piece that is 10" long. This piece looks like a turkey wattle, and there is no template, just start cutting a slender piece of material, 1" wide, and at the end, make it wonky.
You understand.

Next, fold you rectangle so the 2 shorter edges are just overlapping. Flip it over, and pinch the fabric in the center. Add a dot of hot glue to either side of the fold, then pull the sides into form an accordion fold.

Hold for 10-20 seconds to let the glue dry. Now take your wonky strip, and put the non-wonky edge on the underside of your bow. Wrap it around, and use a dab of hot glue to secure in place. 
Cut your elastic to a size that fits your child's head, adding a a few inches so it can be knotted. Pull the elastic through the space under the wrapped piece. Then I just knotted the ends of the elastic, then hid the knot under the wrapped piece. 

And there you have it:

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Kiley said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment about my daughter's room.

Love your son's costume! Great job pulling it together and making the bow! I think our kids will think we were pretty awesome some day (if they don't all ready!)looking back at pictures of things we've crafted for them!

Have a great weekend!!!