Life is like Tetris.

I don't know about you, but when I'm at work (booooooo) I gchat.
All day.
 It gets pretty ridiculous at times.
Like one day recently I had a full days gchat with my sis about starting our own commune where we live off the grid and raise our babies off the land. It was intense. We made some pretty elaborate plans, which is why gchat is amazing.
A precious gift, really.
Mainly because, unlike texting, I can chat with people while giving the illusion that I'm working.
Like I said, amazing.

Recent chat with my sis:

We were bitchin, per the usual, about how fucking hard being a grown up is.
And my genius of a sis (she's a lawyer, you know.) explains it in the most accurate way I've ever heard.

She said:
 "I know I have way way less responsibility than you do right now but it seems like every year, things get harder and i feel sad on more days. life really wears you down and i'm not sure how you go about not feeling that way??!! it's kind of like tetris, where at the beginning (when you are young) everything is easy and fits perfectly and now I'm at the very top of the game where all the pieces keep falling so fast and i'm trying to put them in the right place but i can see the top of the board and i know it's all just piling up and there is nothing i can do!! maybe we are just at that point in our lives - we're adult enough to know we have to keep our shit together all the time but we haven't been doing it long enough to be good at it...like maybe in 5 years or so we'll feel comfortable as adults and it will seem easier?? or not and it all sucks from hear on out :("

She speaks the truth. My life is a bunch of those stupid t shaped pieces right now.
Those suck.

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drollgirl said...

d'oh! she summed it up well! all i can say is savor the happy moments. the older i get, the harder a lot of shit gets, particularly the health, death and dying shit. OY.