Prepare yourself...

For an INSANE amount of pictures.
We just got new family pictures done, which was way over due. 
On the 30th, Richard and I will have been doing it for 10 years (just kidding, mom, we waited for marriage, duh.), and we have like 2 pictures of us together. 
It's sad, just gross and sad, really.
So here you go, an incredibly long post of pictures of me and my boys.

I'm obsessed with them. Every. Single. One!
Richard's sister's husband's sister-what does that make her to us?? Like sister-in-law twice removed? Or probably just nothing. Just a pal, I guess-whatever. Anyways, she took them and I love them.
That is all, just wanted to share!



melifaif said...

They are fabulous!!! I can see why you love them so. LOVE the big chair photo. Love the babes in leaves. I have a few more favorites....they are great!

ape2016 said...

Love these pics!

drollgirl said...

you have a beautiful family and i love these pics!!!!!!!!!!!