So Sweet...

I got a Baby Bullet for Christmas last year, and have been waiting patiently for my little man to be old enough so I could puree the shit out of anything/everything. 
That time has come. 
Well, so far I've only pureed sweet potatoes, but soon enough I will be trowing all kinds of random stuff into this bad boy. And just look how happy he is about it:
Brooks, on the other hand, is a little skeptical. He's like "WTF is that guy all pumped about?? It's JUST sweet potatoes." Even so, he ate the WHOLE thing. I mean, look at those chubby cheeks...does he look like he's turning down food? No ma'am..
And just as a side note, I love this kid:
LOOK at that face!! I just want to eat him up.

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melifaif said...

You are so blessed TIA!!!! Completely. They are precious....love dat bebe fat!!!!