Special Delivery

It's been an epicly long time since I have so much as glanced at blogger. 
I've thought about it, like "man, that would make an awesome blog post," but then something happens, and life gets in the way. 
Or I fall asleep, that's been happening a lot lately. 
Good excuse: I had a baby! 
Yes, it's been 2 months ago now, but better late than never, right??
On May 15th, at around 2am, we welcomed Brooks Avery Martin into our lives.
And he came out with a bang! Not literally, that would be weird. 
But apparently he was ready, and couldn't wait. 
I was having contractions. 
Serious ones. 
Ones that made me yell thanks like "fuck" and "oh shit!" 
Then my water broke, and nurses started running around all crazy. 
And then a baby was born. 
My doctor wasn't there. 
I got no epidural. 
But he's here. He's healthy.
He's amazing. 
Lincoln's obsessed, and we are all more than a little sad that 
Brooks is in daycare now since I'm back at work:(

And here's an ungodly amount of photos to get you all caught up on the past 2 months since baby boy was born:


melifaif said...

Awww, simply preciousness all over the place. I had been thinking of you lots, and just knew the baby had to make his appearance already! Very happy for you, sweet friend. Lots of love and happy vibes headed your way...

drollgirl said...

well what an awesome way to give birth! BAM! PRESTO! i love it!

and you really have the two cutest kids on earth. SO CUTE! and i love that they look so happy!

lucky you returning to the workplace. OY!!!! i don't even have kids and i still wish i could be a stay-at-home person. FOR REALS.

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

Awesome! Hello baby boy. That's the best kind of labour, blink and you'll miss it. Congratulations!