It's my big day! (and Rihanna is stealing my thunder)

So it's my birthday today!! 28 years old, nearing closer and closer to being 30. 

It's also Rihanna's birthday today. We probably celebrated alike...

Riri turned 24, and aparently partied all night and was really hungover for her day job of rehearsal today.
I'm guessing by this outfit that she was more "still drunk" than just hungover.

 I turned 28, stayed up all night cause my hugely pregnant body makes it impossible to sleep, and came to my job, where luckily I'm friends with some coworkers on Facebook, or else noone would have even know it was my birthday!!

RiRi had a cake shaped like a huge joint, with a little Rihanna made out of icing riding on top topless. 

I had a dozen mini cupcakes from the freezer section at the grocery store.
I ate almost the entire dozen...but that probably just equals one normal size cupcake, right???

So.....pretty much the same thing.

Happy presidents day and happy my birthday!! Hopefully you were lucky enough to be off work today.

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bananas. said...

ahahahahaha you're funny! happy (belated) birthday my dear! no doubt you showed riri up with your festivities.

thank god for facebook. getting birthday wishes on facebook is the only reason i'm friends with some of those fockers.