the force.

My little man turned three last month. Not so little anymore....

I must have mentioned to him and one time or another that I would be sad to see him grow up, and to not have him be my baby anymore. So now anytime I mention how big he is getting, he says, with the widest eyes imaginable, "And your going to cry when me gets big??"  And I say "maybe just a little bit...."

My (not-so) little man had his heart set on having a Star Wars birthday party, so a Star Wars birthday party we had. It was only a mild 100° outside, so we said what the heck, an outside party seems divine!
and it was.
waiting patiently for the party to get started....in snow boots.
the spread.
Including such treats as Droid Dip with Tuscan Taters; Death Star Cheese Ball; Yoda Soda;
Bossk Beans; Sith Salad; Jar-Jar links; The Force fruit bowl

Light Saber napkins and Han Sandwiches.
Get it? HAN sandwiches?? Like HAN Solo??? Only their HAM sandwiches???? Stay with my folks...
Yes, I cut 60 tiny sandwiches out with cookie cutters. It took no time at all, really.
Boys will be boys, no matter how old they get. The pool noodle light sabers were a big hit.
Star Wars mask...kinda creepy, but everything looks cute on my sweet neice Izzy.
Red velvet and white cupcakes with cream cheese icing...so good
Pretzal stick "light sabers" and strawberry banana ice cream...this one stole the show.
This ice cream is amazing.


melifaif said...

Too cute!!! Three.years.old. Crazy, eh? Layla will be FOUR on Thursday....party this weekend. And wouldn't you just know it!!!! I broke my ankle last week....but of course I did. Nothing in my life is easy. Kick ass party dude.

drollgirl said...

he is still young! and still little! but maybe not for long! my nieces are 6 and 4 and my sister is kind of losing that they are growing so fast, but then trying to savor and remember all the good and know they won't be little for long. it is tricky!

and love your pictures!