Can't Stop The Rain

photos via Evansville Courier & Press

It has been raining here for, no joke, a week straight. I'm so sick of seeing water! I can't get a goon night sleep because the sirens have been going off every. single. night! Boo storms. I'm over it.

Needless to say, Easter was a little damp. But we still dyed eggs and had an indoor egg hunt.

How was you Easter weekend??


melifaif said...

First off - I like your comment tab down here. Yay! But, more importantly....please PLEASE please send that rain to the South. Specifically, TEXAS! We need it so very badly. I am so diggin' that mini fro Linc is sportin'!!!

Alex said...

It's been raining on off here in Australia since December. Half of our state of Queensland was destroyed.
Raining the last 3 days too. Going stir crazy.