It's getting close.

So I thought I was over the cold from hell, but I just got tricked. Went to the Dr. yesterday and found out the bitch gave me bronchitis. 
So here I sit with my handy inhaler, attempting to breath normally. 
It sucks. 
But I just decided what my Christmas gift craft is going to be, and had to share! 
Homemade Hot Chocolate on a Stick in Monogrammed Mugs!!!!
I'm excited, can you tell?
I found this DIY Monogram Mug tutorial on Design Mom's blog and then this Hot Chocolate on a Stick tutorial at the Giver's Log. Put them together, and I'm in DIY Christmas heaven! I got my mugs (I'm to lazy to scour the shelves at Goodwill, so I bought new ones today) and will be shopping for yummy chocolate this weekend. 

I better get busy, Christmas will be here before we know it!

P.S. Lincoln has a preliminary appointment at the Shriner's next month. So keeping our fingers crossed that they accept him!

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