Fist Pump Friday Christmas List Edition

Holy moly, Christmas will be here in no time! Do you have all your shopping done? I only have my mom left, and she's frickin' impossible! If you need some help, here are a few things that I am giving this year!

*Alphacritter Mousepad
This is the cutest gift idea! Of course Anthropology always has the best stuff, and at $12 these are a steal. Mine would be a tiger, and I want it. Hint Hint.

*Aurora World plush toys
Lincoln has been obsessed with these YooHoo and Friends stuffed animals for the longest time! He calls them his "friends", and carries them around and sets them up places. They are cute, and they make different little noises when you squeeze them. They came out with these cute "Retro" YooHoo's, and I knew I had to have them. I got him the "60's British Rocker" who is clearly modeled after a Beatle, and the super cute "Love" YooHoo, who makes little kissing sounds! I also got the "Paws Puppets" for my nephew, and the"Fancy Pals" pet carrier for my niece. All of these are under $20, and if you order before Dec. 18th, your guaranteed delivery by Christmas!

*Rhino Toys Oballs
Oballs are amazing (Sounded dirty didn't it?? Well you need to get your mind outta the gutter.) They are these jelly-plastic balls full of holes that make them great for kids to catch and throw. Plus, they are impossible to tear-up and are soft enough to not hurt anyone with! I got the Bat & Oball set and Oball footballs for Lincoln and every other boy on my Christmas list. Bat sets are $14.00 and footballs $8.99, and as long as you order by the 18th, your guaranteed to have them before Christmas!

Good luck getting your shopping done, and have an awesome weekend!


melifaif said...

Those are great gift ideas, and love that you can order by 18th and still receive in time....awesomeness.

Kristin said...

I totally think the dude needs those balls!