Home Inspirations

I am constantly gripping that certain rooms in my house aren't big enough. 
The kitchen isn't big enough for an island or larger table. 
The living room isn't big enough for a bookshelf. 
The bathroom isn't big enough for ...you get the picture.
And even with the space I DO have, my house always looks cluttered and messy. If I attempted to live in a 125 square foot space, it would look like a nuclear bomb went off. Which is why I not only LOVE how Kristen Ellis has styled this tiny wonder, but am in awe of her ability to not hoard everything she's ever owned.

And seriously, the all white palette?!?! I. Die. 


Anonymous said...

Oh the all white...in love! I could never do it...my 3 kids would totally destruct it..but oh man..gorgeous.

I'm a pack rat..total clutter chaos..HELP!

Gabby said...

Wow...that is a SMALL room and it looks amazing! I wish i had the skills to do that.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

Love the pop of colors against all the white! So chic&hip!


Mo 'Betta said...

New follower from Mom Bloggers Club! All white...yikes! With 3 kids I need everything the color of dirt ;)