Fist Pump Friday Christmas List Edition+Giveaway

Happy Friday!!!

I know its early November, but I am a fanatic about getting the
x-mas shopping done EARLY! So from now until the big day, Fist Pump Friday's will be all about whats hot for Christmas! Plus a few giveaways to help with your own Christmas list:)

Get excited.

*Dr. Seuss Converse

I'm a die hard Converse wearer, and am in LOVE with these fun new designs!! I have to get some for the little dude, so he can be the coolest kid at daycare.

*Funky & fun pillow cases
Awesome. If nobody gets me these, I will be really upset. Check out Urban Outfitter for more styles, and for only $28, get them for all your pals.

*Lalaloopsy Dolls.

These are the cutest dolls I've seen in a LONG time. Not at all skanky! And reminisant of my beloved Cabbage Dolls, they each come with a certificate giving their "sewn on" date, and telling you what material was used to make them. SO cute! Sadly, I have no little girl to collect the whole set for, but I do have 2 nieces who are going to be the proud owners of a "Spot Splatter Splash" doll!

*Humanity Vintage Wrap Bracelet from Buckle
Not only are the bracelets super stylish, but 25% goes to support non-profit organizations. Its the gift that keeps on giving!

*Cradle Rock children's lullaby albums
Lincoln has been rocking out to these lullabies for the past couple of weeks, and he loves them! The soothing lullabies are based off albums from famous artist, and the MJ one is AMAZING. You can go over to www.cradlerockstore.com to listen to previews, and I promise you won't be disappointed! These would make the perfect gift for any hip new or expecting parents you might know. And to help you out, Tree Top Records is graciously going to give one of you your own copy!

How to win:
1. Be a follower
2. Check out Cradle Rock's website and listen to some sample tracks. Leave a comment letting me know which is your favorite!
3. Bonus entry: Leave a comment telling me which artist's music you would love to see remixed into soothing lullabies.

Have a great weekend! Winner will be announced next Friday (the 19th).


Noturavgmom said...

My oldest is dying for a lalaloopsy doll. In all honesty though freaking 26 bucks for a doll is a little pricey in my opinion. I wish I could find it worth paying that much for when I know she's just going to leave it around the floor and then the dog will destroy it and I'll end up losing my money. Damn, I wish I could be as excited about X-mas shopping.

Kimberly said...

I'm following you (totally not stalking)...lol and I would like to win my very own copy of Cradle Rock!

I'm really enjoying Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire. It reminds me of the Mariachi Band on Thursday nights!

I'd vote for some Three Dog Night Cradle Rocks!

Jenilee said...

I follow you!


Amy said...

Im a new follower... :D I love the Kenny Chesney Songs - Especially there goes my life.
misavings @ yamil.com

Amy said...

Id love to see Evanesance in their collection... :D

Shooting Stars Mag said...

i follow and would love michael jackson, esp. for thriller

lauren51990 at aol dot com

Klove said...

Those cons are bananas! I can't wait for my guy to start walking...
I'm now a follower. Check out my blog:

Barb J. said...

Thanks for welcoming me to MBC. I have become a new follower of your blog (feel free to follow mine as well!).

I am liking the Never Wanted Nothing More track from Kenny Chesney.

Oh, and I LOVE those cute Converse!