So, I have this job, and I'm not going to be all boo hoo, my job sucks, cause how many people are like OMG!! my job rocks!?!? But.....my job sucks. There are numerous reasons for it's epic suckage, but mostly I would attribute it to the high standard my boss expects his employees to live up to. I mean the guys I work with make the Jersey Shore kids look like rocket scientist! Seriously, I will be discussing with them something that is a daily part of their job, and this is what I get in return:
Animated Gifs

And then I have to be all "Why are you so dumb??"

And they'll be all "Stop your complaining, you get to sit at your desk all day while we do real work." And then I have to hurt their feelings by explaining to them thats its because I went to college and it doesn't hurt that I bathe regularly. Besides, they needn't be too jealous, my view is pretty bad.

I don't know if you can tell from the overall tone of this post, but I need a new job BAD!!
At least it almost Friday....


drollgirl said...

working for a living sucks ass! i am constantly annoyed with my job. CONSTANTLY! it wouldn't be so bad if we were paid more and left alone, right?! :)

drollgirl said...

and the "dumb" animated gif is killing me! i say dumb all the time BECAUSE SO MUCH IN LIFE IS DUMB! and annoying!

Alex said...

Max is seriously freaking me out - make him stop ;)

Gorilla Bananas said...

Haha! If I were you I'd spray air freshener on those dudes!

Alicia said...

dude...that sucks...but you know what doesn't suck? antoine dodson...that kid cracks me up!! hahaa!! hope you have an awesome weekend doll, you deserve it!

ps- did you get the email with the giveaway code?