Fist Pump Friday

This might have been the longest week of my life...but woot woot!! Its FRIDAY!!!! And just in the nick of time, I was about to lose my shit if this week didn't end soon. And now I get to relax and enjoy the weekend, and then HOORAY! Next week is premier week!! All my favs are back to occupy the hours in between working!
So here it is, Fist Pump Friday, the TV edition.

Watching some of the returning shows will be like catching up with old friends, and oh how I've missed them!

*First and foremost, GLEE is back!!! I can't wait to see these kids rock some more of my favorite jams, and I'm pretty stoked to see Brittney's cameo as well.

*Speaking of awesome Glee cameos, I'm super pumped for the new season of How I Met Your Mother! Neal Patrick Harris rocks my socks off.

* If you haven't watched Rules of Engagement before, you need to start. It is seriously one of the funniest shows on!! I ♥ it.

* The funniest show of all has got to be Modern Family. Hands down. I rarely get done watching without a little tinkle in the pants.

*Nothing else could keep me on my Modern Family high quite the way Cougar Town does. Seriously, does anyone else agree that Penny Can is an amazing came???

I definitely do NOT want to make the new kids feel like ugly step children, so I'm going to give several of the newbies the chance to make me giggle.

*This looks hilarious! Hope it doesn't let me down...

*I love watching shows about trashy people, it's like seeing a monkey in it's natural habitat.

*Will Arnett's creepy voice, Felicity and lots of money?? Sounds like a winner.

*Sexy spies?? Count me in. 

What shows are your must watches for the new season??


Alex said...

I'm in love with Modern Family and Rules of Engagement too - both are serious belly laugh shows.

Anonymous said...

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earthlingorgeous said...

I like how I met your mother :P and looking forward at the new season of Glee :P fun blog you have :)