Today is a special day. I don't know if you noticed, but todays date is 9-02-10, as in West Beverly High, yo!!

In honor of this holy day, I have decided to take a look back at how Brandon, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Dylan, David and Donna forever changed my life.

It taught me about dirty bitches:

It taught me that crystal meth is bad news

a little confused still on how you "somehow" start doing speed. I don't think you accidentally fall into a pile of it...but I could be wrong.

Guns are a big deal. But an even bigger deal? Seeing Dylan in the shower. bow chicka bow wow!

It taught me that real friends don't date, kiss, or sleep with your boyfriend

Donna should have stuck with David.

Donna Martin graduates!! If your a rich virgin, the system can't hold you back!!

Prom really is the best time to lose the big "V".  Especially if your lucky enough to do it with someone you really love. Your so lucky Brenda!!

David and Donna got married!!  I can remember where I was when I watched this final episode. Me and my friend Jacie would get together every week to watch 90210. And this night we went all out. We got together and had a full on marathon, and then watched the finale sobbing and hugging, already missing our dearest friends. How could we continue life without Dylan and Kelly? Who would we laugh at with Steve gone??? It was a rough, rough night.

What were your favorite moments from the most famous zip code???


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

You are awesome. It didn't hit me that today is 90210 until I read your blog. =)

melifaif said...

Epic. Classic! I adore this post!!! I LOVED 90210. I tried to get into the new 2.0 version, but just fell off. Booo....

Nay said...


Ashley Stone said...

haha awesome!

drollgirl said...


09 02 10?!??!?!?

i think you are my hero!!!