Fist Pump Friday

*I'm a freakin winner, yo!!! Little miss Queso has bestowed upon me a $70 gift card to CSN stores!!


*Mario Kart symbols painted on bike lane in Portland:

best. vandalism. EVER!

*Big Boy Original Gaffiti Stencil Style Painting from The Factory 101


*White lucite bracelet with real insects from Kolos Studio


Seriously, don't you want to be this happy?


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melifaif said...

Go gurl! Linc still has art work coming his way....don't give up on me....is his room redecorated yet? Still have time to tweek the design, if ya want???? Happy weekend.

melifaif said...

Carlashes?????? I soooooo would have rocked those 10 years ago!!!!

Kristen said...

Those carlashes are too cute love'em!

Congrats on your BIG WIN! Happy shopping!

Kitty Stampede said...

Happy Weekend!!! i want some car-lashes dammit!

Coongrats on the Win!! Yippee!! :D

Alicia said...

wooooo!! so glad that you were the big winner!! i emailed the guy and they responded that he's out of town til next week so you should hear from them! let me know if you don't! and lady....the car lashes...how do you think they would look on a murdered out jeep commander??