To the man who makes my heart smile...

Happy Father's Day.

I knew from the moment we met that I would love you.
That we were kindred spirits, that our paths crossed for a reason. 
I didn't think I'd ever be able to love you more than I did over our first 6 years together, but I fell in love with you all over again (and then some) when I saw you become a father.
In an instant you changed, and became a protector, a guardian, a teacher,a  mentor, a teller of stories and a super hero to one little boy (and one hot momma).

I love you for the boy that you were, and for that man that you've become. 


mangiabella said...

what a beautiful post and a lovely blog! I just became a follower :) and would love to have you follow me on my journey at mangia-bella.blogspot.com

thank you for your welcome at MBC and look forward to talking more with you soon! have a glorious day sweet bella

~*Nomie*~ said...

I want to be a billionaire so fricken bad! Lol...I LOVE this song!

Anyways, stopping by from MBC!! I'm now a follower! Love your blog :o)

I'm going to enter some of your giveaways!

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Tiffany said...

Beautiful! I am so thankful you two found each other!!!

Hannah said...

What a beautiful family! I just became a follower, thank you for welcoming me on MBC!