Seriously. Worst. Blogger. Ever......But redeeming myself with a giveaway!**CLOSED**

Hey there. 

I realize I have been super m.i.a., but for good reason. I used to have an assistant at work, then business got slow and she was canned. But she's back part-time now, which is great news for my workload, but bad news for the blog because the biatch is all up in my koolaid!! So pardon my absence while I figure out how to keep her prying eyes off my computer screen!
And to add to the chaos that is my daily life, I had to be interrogated at work yesterday, by a real  life detective!! Apparently some jack ass stole money from my boss, and EVERYONE had to be questioned. It was insane.

Now on to the business at hand...
The winner of the super awesome Dali Decals giveaway is....

Congrats girl...I hope this changes your mind about the utter awesomeness of decals!

And to redeem myself for being such an awful blogger, I'm going to offer some more goodies to win! This one is for the kiddies, and is a 2 parter. 

The first prize is an adorable mini bead maze from ImagiPLAY.

Too cute! Lincoln has the cactus bead maze, and loves it! It's the perfect size for him to carry everywhere. 

For over a decade, ImagiPLAY has created high-quality educational toys that inspire children's imaginations and the desire to explore. With the abundance of toys available for children today, ImagiPLAY sets itself apart from the rest through its motto: "Toys with Integrity." By producing quality products that connect with nature, have eco-friendly sources, and hold educational value, ImagiPLAY works to benefit the earth we share and the people that inhabit it.
They have the cutest line of natural wood, earth friendly and child safe toys.

Also being given away is a 5" YooHoo & Friends plush toy

These adorable little critters make a fun noise when squeezed, and are super soft and cuddly! 

There is also a fun interactive website where you can create your own room for your YooHoo pet.


YooHoo & Friends is a virtual world based upon characters created by Aurora World. The characters are based upon real animals in their natural habitat all over the world.

Some of them are endangered and children will be able to learn about each animal. Children will be able to choose and raise pets, decorate pet’s room, play games and watch YooHoo & Friends animations.


Any child can register and adopt pets from the YooHoo & Friends characters. We encourage you to check out YooHoo & Friends plush available on WHERE TO BUY! Registration to our website is free and does not require any activation code to enter.
After adopting a pet, children can decorate a pet’s room, play games and earn Green points to decorate their pet’s room. They can also watch previews of the upcoming YooHoo & Friends animation series.

So fun!!

Giveaway will be for one random bead maze from ImagiPLAY and one random 5" plush from YooHoo & Friends.

 As always, heres how to enter:
(you must be a follower to win) 

For a first entry check out ImagiPlays website, and tell me your favorite toy, other than the bead maze.

For a second entry, check out the YooHoo & Friends website, and tell me your favorite animal.

For a third entry, become a fan of YooHoo Friends on Facebook. (please leave your profile name in your comment)

Giveaway will end Wednesday May 5, at noon (central)
Good Luck!

I promise to be back blogging regularly ASAP!!!


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I don't think you're the worst babe!
But I should spank your behind...whahah*
I adore the cutting board & knife~ so cuuute!
~take care!

brooke said...

fairly certain I LOVE WINNING!!!! and oh man you remembered i've not been one for decals before but i am all for tryin em out now!!!! thanks to you lady i will be takin a step into the future of decorating!!! woohoo!!!!! THANK YOU!!!

Domestic Diva said...

I like the Pozimals Giraffe (#70102) .

LiLu said...

That picture of Brooke about makes my life. ;-)

Gabby said...

I am glad you're back! But boo to the nosy biatch! But yay for giveaways! (although I'm gonna sit this one out cause I am kid-free!) Love your face!

Alicia said...

whoop whoop! congrats to my girl for winning! and baby I MISS YOU!! come give mama some love!! and amazing giveaways as always! love you lady cakes!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

I like the Noahs Arc from Imagiplay! Great giveaway!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

LOVE your blog and writing style already {I just found you via MBC today}. I am a follower now!

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

i am in LOVE with the penguin from YooHoo! I want it now!

bananas. said...

woohoozle!!! yay for miss oofa!!!

and welcome back, geez! i've missed ya woman!!!

Karls said...

Poke the bitches eyes out! Now there's a solution!

A Mom Writing said...

I absolutely ADORE the fruit and veggie cutting sets form Imagiplay.

welcome to our wonderland said...

love the animal building blocks from imagiplay

welcome to our wonderland said...

love all the yoo hoo: the sugar glider is adorable

hotmama0609 said...

i like the butterfly puzzle!


hotmama0609 said...

The Yoo Hoo Penguin is soo cute!

Jacey & Micha's Mommy said...

Toothy the toothsaver!! That is sooo cute!


Jacey & Micha's Mommy said...

love the lemmee from yoo hoo pets!