Thats SO Wabi Sabi

I was flipping through an issue of Woman's Day last night and stumbled onto an interesting article. (does that make me sound like a 42 year old divorced mother of 3?? Cause I'm not...) It was about the Japenese art of wabi sabi, or the beauty in imperfection. Reading it made me realize that wabi sabi is the perfect outlook on life. Nothing is perfect, and honestly it's never going to be, so why not just focus on the beauty in what we have to work with?
It originates in Japan, where artist will often leave subtle fractures in the glaze on a vase or a rough surface on a bowl as a reminder of the wabi-sabi nature of life. Wabi Sabi recognizes that all of life is in a constant state of change and that decay is as much a part of life as growth.
I try to be content with what I have, but I find myself at times saying "I wish this was different" or "I'd rather have this." Wabi sabi teaches us that too many people live in a state of dissatisfaction, and often times, if you take a step back and really look at your situation, you'll realize its fine the way it is. That doesn't mean settling for less than you deserve, but instead finding contentment with what you have rather than striving for the unattainable.
I decided to take a good, long wabi sabi look at the things that I'm constantly wanting to change, and strive to see the beauty in them.
Our messy, mismatched bed
whatever. I think a messy bed looks way more inviting that a made one. Wabi Sabi? I think so.

Our hideous 70's appliances
Retro's in, right?? That's wabi sabi!

Our gross, yellow kitchen laminate:
Okay, that one's not wabi sabi. That's just ugly. 

Whether its getting older, working a dead-end job, or driving a car thats falling apart, you can apply wabi sabi to all aspects of your life.
So try it, what's wabi sabi for you??

I feel like I just said wabi sabi, 400, wait, 401 times. my bad.


Alicia said...

ahhhh you know what's wabi sabi...my body...hahahaa! i find contentment in my body's imperfection...lol. wabi sabi wabi sabi!!

Anonymous said...

there are so many things this applies to right now. like school, my horrible kitchen, baby belly. the list goes on and on-- wabi sabi...

The deMented Mom said...

Thank you thank you thank you...I will now look upon the shambling wreck that is my household with a new appreciative eye...love it! I'll have to go look for the article to prove that I intended this all along..oh yeah, wabi sabi me!


Gabby said...

What an interesting concept! I like it. And I adore you, my lil Woman's Day reader! haha

drollgirl said...

what a killer post! i have never heard of this and i TOTALLY need to apply this concept to most of my life.

p.s. i snickered that you were reading woman's day. that is my MOM's magazine.a hahaah. but more power to ya, as you found this killer info there!

Alex said...

Ha ha story of my life....


whahaha...my friends always tease me, "oooh that's pretty!" & then they'd finish the sentence by, "yes, pretty UGLY!" Anyways, I have the book on Wabi Sabi, should check it out~ one of my fave!


Morgan said...

Hey Stoic, its so funny you posted about wabi-sabi! Just two days ago I was perusing my boyfriends bookshelf, and he has the book, "The wabi-sabi house: the Japanese art of imperfect beauty" by Robyn Griggs Lawrence. And now I read your post! Imagine the odds! But perhaps even more bizzarre, why does my boyfriend have this book?