Flashback Friday

I feel like it's been AGES since I've done a Flashback Friday, and mostly just because I'm too lazy to walk my ass downstairs to dig out a photo. But never fear, I'm back on my game now!
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So, I'm routing through pictures this morning, looking for something fun to post. Of course, there are TONS of pictures of me and Richard, pre-baby. These 2 stood out to me, for some odd reason:

Florida, I think in 2005. Richard was sporting his porn star stache. gross babe, really gross.
Our old apartment, maybe in 2004?? Who knows. I loved that lamp that held pictures. And how skinny I was!

Why are you always licking my face??????
I must taste GOOD!!
It's so funny to look back at these pictures, of what our life used to be. Young and in love. Vacations and booze. Not a care in the world! But honestly, not that much has changed. We are still fairly young. Still in love (right Rich??) Still enjoying our booze (just on a smaller scale). We just added a mortgage, some pets, a child, and a little adult-hood to the mix. 
And he still likes to lick my face.
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Richard said...

Its cuz you taste so delicious! Love You


haha...I think you taste like fresh peach & mango combo! So fun to see old picsss...
Happy Friday lovebirds!!

bananas. said...

I like you guys. You sound a lot like dave and i except you have a child and we have dogs :)

Happy friday honey! Make it count!!!

drollgirl said...

bah! you nabbed yourself a porn-stached face licker! RIGHT ON!!! so glad you guys are happy in a new phase in your life. that is rad. cheers to you both, and hope you have a fab weekend!

Gabby said...

Yay for face licking and cute pictures! :)

Hope you have a goooood weekend, lover!

Mrs. Clean Freak said...


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Young love! :) Absolutely adorable couple!

Christopher And Tia said...

My husband would be so jealous. No matter how badly he wants to grow a mustache... he can't, haha.

There are lamps in both of your pictures, btw, haha. (why do I notice things like that?)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Face licking is the sign of true love I think!! ADORABLE.

Sarah said...

Your comment about the porn star stache is hilarious! It's funny how things change a little. We have tons of goofy pictures, but now we are goofy with a 1 yr old. It's all good, and even better I think! :D

Mr. Apron said...

Married life is all about face-licking.

It was in our vows.

Our silent ones.